he stretched to the moon his hand, fingers pointing into unknown fathoms with an ethereal line breaking beyond gravity and limits as he stood on the soil of his part of the earth looking up into the dark and black tempting, taunting the distance from her to there in defiance 


the café   suspended strings of white lights, like stars pointing the way   shadowed tables, people talking, whispering, listening, leaning inward for the words   waiters in aprons angling between tables   welcome aromas red cloth napkins, anxious expecting eyes   waiting is the gift finally received  


There’s no bottom to the city   treeless empty lots   broken stone trash and puddles where buildings were planned to reach the moon and stars   sidewalk people swim upstream in both directions without order searching for a place   sirens help or prevent   subways rattle breathing heavy stoic faces anxious hands


It was a summer day spent away on a road without names or numbers an unknown destination absent of stress a wind away from the start a breath nearer to the end a back road where long shadows are welcome and night breezes welcome the passage of gardenias and the sound of very little or … More OVER AND AROUND


In the forest, under a canopy of boughs, rain creates a symphony as a portion of the sky falls.  The moisture provides a density buffering all sounds.  In the shadows there is calm; a noiseless base.  Birds have secured sanctuary.  Footsteps move quietly over damp leaves and twigs; dryness removed. A distant rumble of thunder … More WALKING THROUGH


Rain with feeling sounded on my head, running through my hair, dripping with random lines onto my face, like tears without reason, they course onto my shirt. The ground glistens, painted clean, each object baptized with water; the opening sound of wind builds like an orchestra warming for night.   The sky soon reopens with … More A MOMENT ALONE


There is a beautiful between sunset and the pulling arms of night. Where a whisper breaches the veils of soft light and willow branch lips release satin thoughts.   Turquoise eyes swim in the wander of catching shadows while we stand under a failing gray sky, listening to quiet.   A ballet of hands dance … More ONE VOICE


A low rumbling, a quiet menace brooding on the horizon.   A language of sounds, partial to heaven, bearing ominous clouds above the reach of man.   Evil markings retire day’s shadows, relinquishing space to a greater force; heavy weather stirs in eyes gazing upward.   Hands cover heads and faces as rain presses the … More HEAVY WEATHER


His arms were roots, thirsty for water; its color and taste indifferent to his lust.   His hair boasted unruliness, dry and odd shaped, like unkempt fields leaning from wild winds.   He disconnected himself, inventing sounds from tears while his skin was sore from long work and seeing empty plates and passing rocks that … More AT THE TOP


I vision a place safe without loss, the beginning of new, the opening on all sides where anyone can relax and sing. It’s a shadow of a place, harbored beyond envy and hate, turmoil and strife. It’s the next train with an open boxcar.  A bus sounding loud on a dusty road.  A car with … More OUT THERE