I stand on the shoreline of the ocean small palpable waves feed on my ankles as dusk yields to night   a sound clear as spring windows tilts toward me showering me in the center of a nightly orchestra   I wonder looking around if anyone nearby senses the blessing from the air or am … More MOONLIGHT SONG


Day turns over its hand the imperfect fame and weak applause of dusk follows into nights cover where careless fears settle within a harvest of solitude   the sound of breathing entertains the imagination of rebels  in hiding nearby while in the black beyond there is always something like a vanishing accident or an unused … More SOMETIMES ALONE


Fall back under early stars. The sea moves reflective waves, pulsing onto sand, building like engines of thunderous clouds. Streams of people merge into temporary spaces; strangers on corners, a brief land of shoulders staring straight ahead.  A steady rain clears the dust.  Afternoon finds a place before dusk.  Footsteps continue.  Everyone owns a portion … More UNDERNEATH


The clock of many faces. Wrinkles stretched from time. Destiny swims in the eyes and legacies sweat from hard work. The silence of seconds push the hands into the next hour; no song can comfort the waste of circles within circles.  Dawn and dusk feed on one another.  Children are the second chance to find … More THIS WAY


The in-between of dusk and night releases half shadows. Clouds hurry to corners.  The last breeze twists a single sheet on a clothesline.  A voice familiar to back doors slips into a cracked plaster hallway.  Billboards advertise last year’s circus.  Resilient pillars of weeds claim an abandoned lot.  A dog with strong eyes challenges the … More CAREFUL STEPS


Dusk crushes into night. The infinity feud between two mighty forces colliding within the silence of millennial shadows.   There is no youth about them or age slowing their pace. They are constant, claiming common territory to the custody of their charge; never speaking, they own the respect.   Within the realm of universes there … More ANCIENT


Roads are scars between mountains; oaths for angels without wings. Strangers welcome the curves with shadows and the gray of dusks coverings.   Gas stations close at six. Stay in the car with the windows rolled up. Hitchhikers have no place to go. There’s a riddle between each town hidden under a rock.   Headlights … More RACING TRAINS


Moonlight folded the letter of day into an evening verse. Clouds tumble out of the way, soon absorbed into a clear sky where crystal stars own the distance.   Underfoot, there is a carpet of moisture on the grass, marked by footsteps leading there and away.   Evergreens send out a crisp aroma. Dew glitters … More WATER DROPS


Mornings incense warms the day. A rising sun thirsts for heat. Dawn becomes a memory vapor.   Warm catches out day as breezes push through branches, sounding like children singing.   Warring heavens of blue and black shadows descend like bridges over day’s shoreline as the warm and the voices yield to tides of dusk. … More TIDES OF DUSK


 The oil of dark turned quiet. The gears of dusk pulled kneeling clouds to lay their praying hands over valleys where evening oddly fits like a puzzle.   The sun yields to a purple sky. Flags of death witness horizons loss of youth.   A cool brush of wind closes in around. Fields accept curtains … More NIGHT ENTERS