our car lights cut a shinning path over a dark surface as we pass below boughs of great trees   I lean out the window watching leaves twist as we hurry past   stars blink on a dark infinity sky   warm air rushes through my hair, my eyes blink with excitement   our street … More OUR DUSTY ROAD


It’s long and sleek, it’s my 47 black Mercury with satin fingers for tires and manicured white walls breaking through the barriers in every town and over state lines. Bold chrome teeth bite the air. No road is safe when exhaust dusts trees and tilted mailboxes. I got another ride in me, another road to … More CRUISING


Labored wipers edge the smooth curved surface with vengeance as the final reach snaps a forceful wet slapping, shoving aside the enemy of night……water. Headlights course heavily through the drops as the beams stretch toward the next curve like a child reaching for candy.   Creatures of night absorb the car, hovering over as if … More NIGHT DRIVE


River drive. Radio talk. Dashboard lights, yellow signs, curves up ahead. Falling rocks, hidden drives. It was Saturday night. The clock says one. Been driving to clear the space in my head. Free my feet into go. Nothing to do but drive.   No telephone poles. No lights. Houses dark with sleep. A few stray … More RED LIGHT


I got out the big car, the flashy one where your absorbed into the soul of your seat. We turn on the black roads with no names past road signs peppered with bullet holes and other signs pointing each way to towns and places somewhere to go.   The moon plasters a gray canvas like … More THE BIG CAR


Sequoia cactus stand like soldiers at attention, raising daggers to heaven as we stream by, counting the stiff bristled coat hangers. We lean back and let the dry desert uncomb our hair. The radio pushes out uptown songs. Broken neon lights at abandoned bars languish under a blanket of dust, covering everything, including the heat. … More UNCOMBED HAIR