this road that road   it’s the forgot of what there was to forget   a place a room, shallow, deep, a pillow of dreams   the opening of seasons living in the river of today, reflecting away the ordinary   fighting against “instead” without slipping into madness where broken wings turn to rags, but … More HEALING WOUNDS


Alone is the railroad car continually passing by, rattling the night into darkness with insincere eyes.. The sound of breathing roars across the bed.  The drip of a faucet clocks out the minutes with agony. Outside city lights blink a neon code; red-blue points with false hope. Fleeting dreams raise a curtain revealing faces without … More THE OTHER SIDE


That falling star is mine. The one full of my wishes. The dates and times bundled like knotted twine.  It’s all there, the broken hearts, skinned knees, minced oaths and promises waiting to be fulfilled.  Like the one about my father.  His passing too soon and the wish to hear him say my name one … More LOOKING UP