A cool skin night.  Wood smoke. An outpost called a diner harbors evening spirits resting between points at a highway turnoff.  Exiled souls from other places stare with deep nostalgia of where they should be.  Few ever break the cycle of bleary eyes and dark roads. A stitching of alignment bonds the strangers.  They eat … More CLOSE THE DOOR


Frail sparrows wait without flight at the take-out counter.  The aroma reduces the chill of hunger; accepting gladly the warm prize they turn with hope, stepping out into the cold.   Fast thoughts whisk across tables and counters.  Words mixed with coffee and cigarettes fuel pointing fingers as the world is explored over hamburgers and … More OPEN SHADOWS


HEADING HOME   Farewell to day.  The heat layered high through dawn, spreading wide over spaces where long shadows formed beyond ancient obstacles burdened into place.   Night….finally moved in.   People casually scattered.  Stars opened their windows onto a black sky.  The desert diner closed up; its neon’s splizzed out a last drizzle of … More HEADING HOME


      There appeared a garment of haze. The confirmation of heat and long days. Café umbrellas wept over their canvas sides, softened by a dispassionate sun. No appreciable change was predicted. The curtained weather hung limply.   A silken confection of clouds blossomed into mountains. Bulbous and churning they rose in silent eruption … More SILENT ERUPTION


A metal framed door, thick with chicken wire glass, opens with a rusty song as midnight patrons scuff over a black and white cracked tile floor landing in a corner booth.   Familiar faces, hard eyes, hats tipped, faded shirts and untied sneakers whisper crackling news of cellophane stories into leaning ears anxious for unhinged … More WHY HERE


Beams and bolts of a bridge spread shadows like chestnut trees onto the stark Riverside Diner.   A brown river flowing smooth like chocolate swirling in cups rumbles deep to the ocean.   Men with hats, herringbone coats and leather gloves find comfort on wooden seats; rugged and sure.   Cigarette smoke crawls freely from … More RIVERSIDE DINER


A smudged light struggles to the sidewalk, escaping past greasy diner windows, blurring its last strength onto a traffic burdened surface. Lonely faces, fat arms, tattoos of knives and bleeding hearts pass under the tide of night. Hats tipped. Collars up. Nervous hands. Fists clenched. Fingers pointing. Unwashed faces. For all who seek, there is … More CITY DINER


A jukebox. Records scared with scratches twists songs for a dime. Wallpaper stares over stained floors. Voices speak coffee. Forks curl through pie and meat loaf. A screen door. Green. Marked with the oil of hands. Hinges squeak. Flies wrestle for freedom on a windowsill. A song drifts homelessly. Heads nod. A finger taps. Grease … More PEOPLE GATHER


Off balanced laboring fans push diner air onto walls stained yellow. Customers lean over tables, whispering, pointing fingers and then laughing, breaking into the clatter of plates and silverware. Waitress’ weave around tables delivering the beginning of meals. Counter people nod to the cook who prepares their regular. The door opens.  Cold air rushes in … More GOOD COMPANY