That feeling of over the edge, when a clutch decision is more than a casual choice but a weapon against oncoming distractions, knowing that altering the rhythm will create a chasing of thoughts into paths of painful corners with unmistakable answers, the ones not always chosen, wedged between the black and gray, remaining there until … More BLACK CATS


The eyes feel the words between the lines, between the breaths, between the smiles and disbelief.  Close to the heart the charms of memories warm the soul. Your hands shape the revelation of the journey like shadows over water, releasing answers slowly like a garden growing. Be patient with thoughts.  Holding high decisions of weight. … More THE CROSSOVER


It’s a legend of moving, heels of travelers, train soot or bus grease. There’s a road for everyone; a language of sound without hurrying.   Slapping screen doors, caffeine and gas, diesel smoke and fast down gears; dirty fingers with a chance to go.   Clock watchers without soul have no song; it’s a fail … More GREASE & CAFFEINE


A gnat of a thought is like the beginning with bread and water, when a newness is considered. A startling release of treasonous intent, an idea once dormant, now sparkling with unchallenged release, opening against resistance, pushing back the gray shadows from the eyes. Difference provokes a defense unequalled when determined. It becomes an appetite … More WITHOUT LIMITS


We face a day of crossings, a full plate of unmatched space.  A highway of the next day, wanting answers before the corners are reached.  Decisions require a force to continue. It’s a dry day with an open horizon.  A few thin clouds too weak to cast shadows.  We strike out. Moving forward draws deep … More PATIENCE WAITING