the dogs of night get a new growl when backdoor clubs fill with evening voices   dancers sway rhythmically within clouds of smoke   lipstick numbers appear on napkins when approving eyes catch a glance   yesterdays salted wounds disappear as morning stretches over empty streets



A song of night the slow creep of cars heading for the next town and wayside roads where broken hearts gather at an empty desert gas station   someone reads “The Howl” out loud the fear and dreams we live up to   bus driver’s work the road   curious eyes imagine the release of … More CRESTED LIZARD


Two crumpled pieces of paper collapse to the floor like exhausted dancers.  A light breeze pushes them together as they creak and stretch in unison.  The compact energy contained within the tightly bonded folds begin to unevenly release, resembling the sound of mice running across a sandy floor.   They slowly turn again as the … More AS IN LIFE


Separate hands.  Divided tracks expressing the battle within.  Musical fingers, the dance of a tapping theory. Deep roots of song flush to the surface; a dilation is then quick to expand.   Drums beating out thoughts pause then continue, marking paths to an immediate change; the impertinence of youth is an undeniable salve.   Dancers … More OPENING NIGHT