He was a mountain of few words a river flowing through the house, mostly out. Conversations were awkward creating uncomfortable moments, too many to count. His love was his work a place he escaped to without guilt of leaving those behind, considering it his duty; I knew he would rather be somewhere else. He grew … More MY FATHER


It’s a song for the night.  The slow creep of a high tide as the last car heads for the next town.  Wayside diners and broken hearts gather on empty at a desert gas station.  Someone reads The Howl out loud; it’s the fear and the dreams we live up to.  Steel mills steam alive … More CRESTED LIZARD


Bring the grave to the steps and the memories will follow; sun stained wallpaper and leaded windows fade, but not your name. There’s something in my pocket, a note from you and a penciled smile from a name lifted from earth.   I forgot the sound of your voice but remember your joy on a … More ONE MORE TIME