On the backstretch they disappear into the land. The occasional  rising of a head is momentarily glimpsed. Even from here, the pounding of the earth is faintly heard. The crowd remains silent as they emerge from the final curve. Nostrils flaring, leather and sweat, taught reins, hooves ripping the dirt aside. They are massed together. … More RACE DAY


SHIFTING TIDES     Long thick lines.  The gathering of waiting under city clouds. Anxious shoes and a suddenness of delirium stretches like sleep being thrown off.  The mumbling mass prepares to strike out on separate paths while considering weighty thoughts; they groan without being heard.  The songs of buses and car tires divert a … More SHIFTING TIDES


A high heat pushed roadway lines sideways. Crowds trample the streets as they pull themselves toward a destination within a sea of shoulders and elbows.   Fire escapes spread waffle slanted shadows onto faded bricks. A radio pushes static into an alley where a man sleeps near dented garbage cans releasing the aroma of yesterday. … More EYES OPEN


Raging winds ran the streets like wolves in search of unsuspecting prey. Hats took flight. Garbage can lids spiraled like runaway Olympic discus’. Newspapers trashed the sky with yesterdays sales and obituaries. Hats tumbled like children on the last day of school. Down 7th avenue a gust of random winds created the sound of trains … More ROTTEN APPLE


The waitress dropped her pencil onto the floor where it comfortably saddled up next to an abandoned French fry at the base of a full counter where men of labor ate like starving horses and business men sipped hot tea and ladies used their napkins, all under foggy stained lights as the crowd spoke loud … More WARM FOOD


A house of mirrors.  Canals of images.  Twisted shapes of nightmare size.  Legs without bodies. Heads without feet.  Some pose, others see the enemy of themselves. Everyone is in obedience to moving along.  Step carefully.  Someone screams and then another.  Laughter startles the air. Lights flash up.  A nervous voice sings out.  Some linger.  People … More CARNIVAL NIGHT


The eyes of the fighters speak with growling deep from black souls escaping to the surface. Sweat drips to a stained canvas. Blood soon releases from open wounds cut by leather. The crowd sounds a battle cry. as the bell rings. Adrenalin charges the feet to stand. Fists rise like cannons as the men circle, … More FISTS RAISED