Car lights break onto the road, clearing a path to the next place. Road signs rise and fade.  The radio pulses the air, tossing sounds onto passing driveways and street corners; street lights blanch a small circle of temporary safety.   Strangers are willows, bending to the course of their travel. They smile without reason, … More HERE TO THERE


Morning pressed in with an undercurrent of calmness, like the repose of a folded napkin next to an empty plate. Windows encourage light. The room undergoes change. Colors appear, revealing life beyond evening grays and the dark of night. Dreams of sadness become absorbed into the arms of daylight. The crossroads of sleep to standing … More THE ENGINE WITHIN


I own the crossroads, the place of left and right, the straight and narrow, high crested curved roads and paths under rock gray clouds in valleys shared by yesterdays moon and breezes quick and cool with dust from boots traveling in circles and riding to lonely places and diners filled with searching and suspicions and … More CROSSROADS