escaping the fire the inside burn of scars   sharp word blades wounding bloodletting   as courage lines up within marching against rising tides and the instruments we fight   a lesson of learn and recover watered over smoldering without damage


Courage isn’t birthed in the shadow of doubt or in a desert of inactivity. Instead, it’s cultivated in the imagination of right. The wide grasp of victory is the appetite of achieving the brass ring while leaving the wooden horses behind.   Courage is an instant thought. The suppressed action that steps forward, pushing self … More FORWARD


We face a day of crossings, a full plate of unmatched space.  A highway of the next day, wanting answers before the corners are reached.  Decisions require a force to continue. It’s a dry day with an open horizon.  A few thin clouds too weak to cast shadows.  We strike out. Moving forward draws deep … More PATIENCE WAITING