wet footsteps on the floor cotton clouds the magic of music handcuffs the soul providing anywhere travel with eyes closed the heart steers without disappointment onto a wide porch waiting for sunset lightening bugs send signals to the fortunate the best place to be is the one they dream of  


The academia of cafe people. The quips are everything, falling neatly into line without stress. They circle the edge of the serious before journeying to art and the Bauhaus of their apartment.  There’s a laugh about abstract dreams and what they could possibly mean and how their favorite pillow captures tears. Black and white photos … More THE OUTSIDE OF IN


The language of fresh cottons snaps into twisting curves testing the soul of sturdy fabrics streaming out with flag blown hysteria.   A small wooden pin secures without injury preventing the chaos from escaping into disfigurement on the ground.   Cotton favor merges under blue skies and easterly winds striking a beat as the earth … More MOVING