regarded as the outsider   music and song crossing borders through the senses to make sense, for the combinations to work   dialogue success of an idea desperate creation painting over painting confidence and conviction   the pop and snap the finished product   the conclusion with unlimited opinions        


Sounds skipped over the gathering like flat stones over water.  There was no right direction of movement.  Fingers pointed.  Eyes glanced.  Footsteps clapped along equally out of sequence.  The people resembled tall willowy weeds reacting to a brush of random breezes, swaying unevenly as they crossed the street to the other side; searching for closure … More FINISHING OUT


He feigns the opening delight of day with a yawn; his eyes express a sad boredom. He stretches out night, arching himself like a snake wrapped in fur.  He saunters with confidence over rugs and hardwood floors, glancing with occasion while passing open doors and shadowed corners for lurking danger.  He assembles his lithe frame … More STAYSAIL


There was an opening in the day, a slice of casual interruption, a box of memories waiting to be unwrapped.   Thin tensions of thought become light and airy, like dry desert winds finding no resistance rushing over the surface.   Within canyons of air, rare releases of the soul surface offering insights to the … More RARE RELEASES


It’s in the eyes, the depths where souls swim in pools of black and white prints, behind doors locked tight with faces blurred and names forgotten. There’s a wall buried deep, within our reach, a point of no beyond, where denial provides a path for retreat, or repentance washing us clean. Hold fast your position, … More A SEA DIVIDING


It’s a life of folding.  Pressed down, gazing into unassuming faces, like clouds, changing and then reshaping. Songs are the blankets of thoughts. Small voices provoke streams of words.  Silence opens the eyes to creative volumes. We protect.  Holding the candle of our flame close. Opening up too soon could close us down. Dreams tempt … More IT’S ALL ABOUT