Unfinished crosswords and cigarettes feed the granite regulars at the diner. Torn vinyl and stained tiles welcome neighborhood regulars; black rimmed glasses, uncombed hair, cowboy boots, long sleeve shirts and a variety of hats. The food lacks life. Coffee fuels the thoughts.  The place is a safety net dipped in grease. The radio stales the … More TAKE A SEAT


The intent of a rising sun encourages the impatience out of night.  From the abyss of dreams we are renewed, like ribbons unraveling while lifted from the floor.  A part of us protests, exciting the brimstone from and anxious song we hum while putting on ragged jeans a chain and a cross.  Tattoos tell a … More UP


Dust rose in menacing circles behind the car; generations of travel brushed to the roadside.  Truck lights create lonely shadows.  Bleary eyes crave coffee; the liquid toothpicks of temporary vision. Hitchhikers seek the ride of hope.  Their boots worn down to sandals as they desire other places. Forgiveness is far from home.  Familiar voices are … More DOWN AWAY

The Next Step

A low wind without voice brushed the small third story window where she looked out. The ocean, not far away, lay clam like a lion dreaming of the hunt.   Her bed, unmade.  Covers tossed, evidence of nights trappings and the places in-between.    She whispers a psalm from waking lips.  Coffee completes the eyes … More The Next Step


From the desert floor a veil of mist rises from the hardships of last night. Everything moves in slow motion. There are no winds to push the sand to the next arroyo. Cactus absorbs mornings moisture. Creatures spread their colors in search of today’s menu. The sky beams a bright blue not listed on any … More DESERT MORNING


The newspaper drapes a lifeless shape over the arm of a couch, like fallen leaves of yesterday; past shadows of news and names. Lines of cars pass by below. The street yawns of morning. The aroma of coffee walks to the bedroom where last nights clothes lay asleep on the floor. The overhead piping creaks. … More I WISH


There is no poverty with adventure when pockets are full of travel. Stories of wide fields with no boundaries wait with expectations; words of surprise fill the spaces between. Morning appears drowsy until the first step, where treasures await and diners serve up fresh warm pie. Heads or tails can point the direction. Rain creates … More ONE MORE BRIDGE