Early morning winds. The signature of change. Branches sway under invisible force proving winds visible actions. There are no lines of streaming; randomness is consistently present. From all sides it pushes.  Objects may divert its path, but never restrict its intent.  Its pattern is untraceable, regardless of science, it changes without reason.  It curves within … More ALWAYS AROUND



He was a life less used.  A flower rejecting water.  He considers himself a square, surrounded by a circle; room to stretch but never enough to change position.   The drumming of his words sway like wheat heads driven by random winds as his words release, explaining the unnecessary.   He drums his fingers on … More OPEN HARVEST


STREET VIEW     Indifference streaming.  Decades of walls.  Doors locked.  Playgrounds hold the future.  Dogs bark at shadows. Every fence leans with weak defense. Overgrown empty lots have no memory.   Black suits and hats.  Generations of braided hair and faithful prayers.  Winsome songs slip to the background.  Faces like flowers bloom with smiles. … More STREET VIEW


FROM UP HERE     Shadows run charcoal, flat like iron painted across walls as it spills silently onto a fallowed field suffering from a lack of love.   A blood sun spreads rivers over streets and sides of tired brick buildings.   An emotional wind creates sounds resembling words whispered through fences and back … More FROM UP HERE


SHIFTING TIDES     Long thick lines.  The gathering of waiting under city clouds. Anxious shoes and a suddenness of delirium stretches like sleep being thrown off.  The mumbling mass prepares to strike out on separate paths while considering weighty thoughts; they groan without being heard.  The songs of buses and car tires divert a … More SHIFTING TIDES


A high heat pushed roadway lines sideways. Crowds trample the streets as they pull themselves toward a destination within a sea of shoulders and elbows.   Fire escapes spread waffle slanted shadows onto faded bricks. A radio pushes static into an alley where a man sleeps near dented garbage cans releasing the aroma of yesterday. … More EYES OPEN


THURSDAY     Desperate hands open street awnings. The shade is welcome to pedestrians. The aroma of flowers and fruit swell through the street. Eyes of suspicion avoid contact but are curious nonetheless. Men with unbuttoned shirts and gold chains snap gum to the beat of their polished shoes. A gust of air lifts the … More THURSDAY


Songs from radios collide into disturbed air over the sidewalk. Sleeveless young men stand carelessly with searching eyes watching women pass. Street lights flicker. Cigarette smoke creeps lazily over shoulders from parted lips. A car horn trumpets a signal, forcing interest where none exists. Thick brass bolts secure storefronts to sleep until dawn stirs.   … More COOLING SIDEWALKS


A morning’s mad swirl in the heavens opened to an infinity blue sky. The suns hardened steel and lack of compassion spread a wide blanket of heat. Dogs sought shelter. Umbrellas create a walking shade. Dusty curtains attempted to block the incessant light. An army of sunglasses walked tormented paths.   Everyone feels the growth of … More THE HEAT OF IT


It was a day dedicated to high relief, with many paths, chosen and forced; like spiders fleeing heavy noises.   Statues watched with granite eyes the song of traffic and voice passing beneath stone arms lined with pigeons, as the faces merge like many streams into one great river.   Eyelashes wink at an edging … More THIS DAY