A muddy river, thick with silt, half trees and trash, flows slowly past the city, slipping under bridges, competing with barges, rolling through like in dreams when you feel your running underwater. Docks and spits of land reach out at the passing debris; bulldogs inspecting their next meal. Stone legs from a train overpass push … More POUNDING WATER


Rectangles with souls. Windows lined like soldiers. Sounds in the head.  Fog rises but never into a storm.  Dogs walking as if they know where they’re going. Fast steps lead to a corner bar where No one’s ship comes in; liquid languages spoken here.   Everything appears in slow motion. It’s easier to remember when … More CITY WALKING


The sidewalk is a stream, a playground, an escape without arrows to point the way out. Fallen stars, the scattering of dreamers believing in second chances, light the city at night. Children remain close by, guarded by the fences of stern warnings.  Their visions asleep as they accept the ideas of less.  Surrounding aromas are … More NOT FAR FROM HERE


When you go somewhere as a stranger you can blend in as an unaware traveler avoiding name introduction or needless small talk while roaming unconcerned regarding schedules wearing your favorite shirt and red sneakers free of critical opinion you pass a store window and smile back at yourself then merge with the shadows of a … More TEMPORARY NOBODY


Alone is the railroad car continually passing by, rattling the night into darkness with insincere eyes.. The sound of breathing roars across the bed.  The drip of a faucet clocks out the minutes with agony. Outside city lights blink a neon code; red-blue points with false hope. Fleeting dreams raise a curtain revealing faces without … More THE OTHER SIDE


He brushed through the shortcut, down familiar alleys, past trash cans and men sleeping in corners.   Onto a sidewalk, weaving past suits, hats and shoes; temporary barriers to the right of passage.   The song of buses, cars and sirens stir the soup of air hanging over streets.   Further but not farther the … More PARTING PLACES


There is no wrong side of the river or the tracks; the sun and rain blesses both side. Nickels and dimes build into a wish. Lightening brightens a dark road. A stray dog avoids strangers and empty pockets. Trains own their sound. At the end of the line it coughs up the last of weary … More ALL AROUND


Eyes of clouds watched with swollen curves as the earth passed below, its streets busy and sidewalks solid paths of souls colliding and then draining off, opening doors, filing in and out with random irregularity.   The day is a flash of courage on a millennial stage, as the sands of people speak of how … More BETWEEN CLOUDS


The dreams of me chased the years from my paths. Directions wrong turned. The failing of doors to open. Places I should have risen in, claiming the rights of me, applauding with hands upon my arrival.   Lights left on. Messages unanswered. Towns without names or faces familiar. The roads I know have beaten their … More CHOICES OF ME


He’s got chrome for teeth. Hair slicked back like midnight rain. Eyebrows thin as razors, like the blade in his pocket and sin at the side; a gold chain with a cross signals belief without a past.   His eyes speak protection. An army of force settles in his fists. From the corner he searches … More HIS CORNER