We are students on the edge where unedited souls   are roots of voices searching for a river to be part of   to form a journey of communion to lean away from the failing   we tempt mercy under various clouds while resembling a fallen shingle from the sky   there is no center … More COMMON GROUND


An overhead subway creeps between brownstones.  Sharp shadows like falling venetian blinds cut across the moving cars.  From the street below steam pipes belch gray mists.  Visions of the city become abstracts of other visions; seldom is there a clear choice.   Late night diners with doors open and tables full of lively hand conversations, … More WASHED OVER


We are fitted into time. Rooted to the frame.  The anchor of decision secures us to levels of choices. Voices filling rooms stir ideas that are uncharted and unimagined until turned over, exposing a plan. Lights with dusty gray eyes hold the path darkly lit. Adventure seizes the moment with unsolicited beckoning. Bravery held in … More THAT WAY


The dreams of me chased the years from my paths. Directions wrong turned. The failing of doors to open. Places I should have risen in, claiming the rights of me, applauding with hands upon my arrival.   Lights left on. Messages unanswered. Towns without names or faces familiar. The roads I know have beaten their … More CHOICES OF ME


The door was half open or half closed. A silent message of entry or release. Quiet held the air hostage. Outside sounds found another place to speak into day. Moments of decisions gnaw at choices. The whereabouts of capturing a thought or driving it out hung in the balance. Each life walks a line, visible … More SEEDS OF DIRECTION