There was disorder within the order a calmness unexplained   the seasons understood, time blinked with favor   the wonder of it all held captive the growth of something new reminding us of change   the solid cornerstones remain benchmarks of what yet becomes real


Skylines of the past. Barges full of memories. Secret wars of the mind releasing reminders.   Finding your way on a bridge of suitcases while conditioning to change. under satellites of ideas thawing frozen winds as day delivers.  


It was the shape of a special place a noble treasure balanced and simple dedicated plans are released into later resting is an illustrious earning and all pieces are prizes   decades have been absorbed here while passing before a straw framed mirror and decorations are of favorite shapes framed photos and vintage sand a … More AT THIS PLACE



Waves of words press against change, pushing relentlessly uphill, gaining two steps behind forward.  Like clouds boiling out, releasing fingers of long rain.  Tension is a moment of unwanted paradise.  Voices rise within a stream of indifference; there are no two sides, only one is always right. A walk of thoughts becomes a river, a … More OPEN DISORDER


The art of imperfection. A change of attitude and the limits not to exceed where temperature of mood fills the moment of decision; its high climate of change, though unnumbered but important.   A formed shape begins with order.  A voice, a glance, an answer without words.   The simple of life is the meal … More FINDING SHAPE


Separate hands.  Divided tracks expressing the battle within.  Musical fingers, the dance of a tapping theory. Deep roots of song flush to the surface; a dilation is then quick to expand.   Drums beating out thoughts pause then continue, marking paths to an immediate change; the impertinence of youth is an undeniable salve.   Dancers … More OPENING NIGHT


When knowledge arrives it brings a behind bucket full of pain with it. It draws the line of this and that and the rights of wrongs and the wrongs of being right. It curbs your words and convicts your tongue. The sun looks different and the moon not so bright. Your friends change and your … More DIFFERENT


Downwind crossroads are reckless sacrifices. The opening that appears, like a window half open that encourages. The day was without fences or caution. The curtains on your stage are pulled back, preparing for an entrance. Corridors of thoughts testify the betrayal where the eye opening tracks remain quiet now but stir the air, preparing for … More SLIPPING THROUGH


The sound of newness lingered. The stem of an autumn leaf resisted its position of a summer passed. Voices within the winds slipped over branches like silver moonlight defying the eye of morning. August roots fail against the appetite of September and the cloak of October. Cool winds move in, forcing doors to close. The … More CHANGE


Charcoal thoughts spill across river deep eyes. The flow of strong vision grasps at the promise of  angels with empty pockets. Whispers lift into voices, like ribbons trailing behind youthful smiles and hope abounding. A song rises into a chorus of winds, spreading out like well worn paths. Time releases the face of change.  The … More CHANGING