My pen delights me, stirring within the cast of granite to speak of a father I knew, raising children; three meteors rising. He was humility possessing deep waters overlooking faults and premises of promises, drowning out failed expectations avoiding anger while entertaining uprightness. He was solid with love caring for the blood of his blood … More STANDING STRENGTH



He wore a dark herringbone wool shirt. Ivory buttons were the stepping stones holding his two halves together.  Strength and honesty were the bare knuckles of his core.  His eyes are  the password for those to enter. Men wearing winter coats and hats  shuffle forward.  Downcast, they hold respect for their place. The food and … More LINE UP


Living full doesn’t mean you have a full tank. And some of the rain always gets to you no matter how fast you run.   Sometimes the edges of boarders casts an unexpected surprise when you achieve the line, discovering its similar to what you just left.   There’s a new place I hear everyone … More SECOND HAND STORE


There was an opening in the day, a slice of casual interruption, a box of memories waiting to be unwrapped.   Thin tensions of thought become light and airy, like dry desert winds finding no resistance rushing over the surface.   Within canyons of air, rare releases of the soul surface offering insights to the … More RARE RELEASES