A spiritual journey of ease and discovery the opening of the obscure heart and innocence   an inner sermon prospering on hope and delicate dreams of calm distant from whispers and swords   the building back of faith from broken stars the hope of creating fires that bind and desires that never sleep     … More ONE THOUGHT AWAY


He was a standing man of stone. An iron gate fixed into ground.  In his eyes was a tempest of seriousness. Hands calloused from years of grappling with building and tearing down. His shadow moved under the caution of direct intent. He smiles infrequently, only when mentioning his son. He carries a newspaper, his contact … More RESPECT


The river has a voice, secured within the constant flow as it passes the factory.   It remembers the first block set as the cornerstone.  The steam from engines great and small. The windows and chimneys. The bricks and grease.   ….and the men wearing overalls sweating over iron, the gold for cities rising into … More STILL THERE