black and white photos of my youth under a dominant sun with uncombed hair barefoot open shirts dirt roads to beaches bridges and paths to discover before porch lights snap on and bonfires send sparks to heavens floor                    



Open boxcars men failed at chance broken families seasons to forget miles separate the pain turned up collars faded jeans empty pockets soft eyes yesterdays meal from garbage cans behind a diner at a river town   bayous and bridges sand and deserts push on engines running hot grease and creosote luck long gone past … More RUNNING AWAY


Skylines of the past. Barges full of memories. Secret wars of the mind releasing reminders.   Finding your way on a bridge of suitcases while conditioning to change. under satellites of ideas thawing frozen winds as day delivers.  


She pressed forward, altering the flow of gravity with radical changes as if peddling backward on life. She fought hard, creating the forward motion of a legacy, determined with destiny. It was a fight against the current; moving under bridges and over mountains. Her emotions were handpicked, fresh from yesterday’s stories. She would say, “I … More DETERMINED


An overhead subway creeps between brownstones.  Sharp shadows like falling venetian blinds cut across the moving cars.  From the street below steam pipes belch gray mists.  Visions of the city become abstracts of other visions; seldom is there a clear choice.   Late night diners with doors open and tables full of lively hand conversations, … More WASHED OVER


A Cloud of mists.  Vapors without faces. Cars make time over bridges, shuttling the  masses in and out of order. Complaints rule within the swirl of thoughts. The tongue wags tirelessly for some until it turns black. The engine of day corrupts all who pass over the river.  Seldom the sun shines everyday. We rely … More ITS A START


There is no poverty with adventure when pockets are full of travel. Stories of wide fields with no boundaries wait with expectations; words of surprise fill the spaces between. Morning appears drowsy until the first step, where treasures await and diners serve up fresh warm pie. Heads or tails can point the direction. Rain creates … More ONE MORE BRIDGE


A concrete steel arm, weighted like a planet connects rocks and land for passage of feet and wheels to there and back over water the stretching mass made by hands forgotten to time labored their sweat and muddied boots stained faces bruised hands as they formed and massed a great strength moving ground and rocks … More THE OTHER SIDE