all roads lead from me,   long spaces for nights blessings and mornings light as new beginnings stir the senses into full blossomed roads, where no choice is wrong,   full of miles, waysides and memories


Two crumpled pieces of paper collapse to the floor like exhausted dancers.  A light breeze pushes them together as they creak and stretch in unison.  The compact energy contained within the tightly bonded folds begin to unevenly release, resembling the sound of mice running across a sandy floor.   They slowly turn again as the … More AS IN LIFE


The sun clipped over the tops of quick moving clouds, creating a running shadow over me as it sped ahead searching for a finish line.  I ran with the hope to catch it, when another caught me from behind.  It’s a day without rain.  Geese are heading north.  Blossoms expand. I stand in a soup … More JUST AHEAD