Flames lick the straw and the suitcases we pack over a lifetime with vulnerable items we adore.   We wonder without speaking, what lasts, what remains the day without perishing?   Building is more than walls, it’s a foundation buried deep; stones for support, the strength that lasts.   Fire burns, water … More BEAUTY FOR ASHES



It’s in the eyes, the depths where souls swim in pools of black and white prints, behind doors locked tight with faces blurred and names forgotten. There’s a wall buried deep, within our reach, a point of no beyond, where denial provides a path for retreat, or repentance washing us clean. Hold fast your position, … More A SEA DIVIDING


A thousand flags in the hands of dancers grace the blue tiled floor in Solomon’s temple lifting together in praise and adulation.   Horns strike to up heaven, harps and bells cut sharp the air raising a standard of worship by faith.   Drums beat the rhythm of a nation. Voices together offer thanks through … More SOLOMON’S TEMPLE


          What right is of this? The passage from strength, the wall of stone held between paper fingers.   What faith is within the ashes of belief? Altars of gold images dance proudly on heads.   What calling speaks a name to step through fire? To a place of new winds … More WHAT


Sometimes the walls feel like hands moving in, taking over my space, moving me away from the center with a pushing to the outside where instead of looking out from where I am I’m looking in to where I was. It’s an odd place, not on one side or the other, until I quiet myself, … More THE PROMISE


Hidden in the narrow path we take are a life of words like vines twisting we reach and choose improving by expression, the hope of blending in.   But without direction our internal light fades, our steps become entangled altering our direction and creating within a shadow without form.   If we follow by prayer … More NARROW PATHS


          It’s not by coincidence that paths fulfill a dream, a first step with thoughts alive, the challenge fights to go.   Many ways consume our lives shaping the person we become, the people we meet, family and friends and the walls that we call home.   There is a path, … More THE PATH


His voice competed boldly against sidewalk clutter and boisterous buses hissing to abrupt stops. His beard twisted like ocean ropes to his chest, brushing over the top portion of a blue or maybe green shirt; gray stained pants and untied boots creased from roughness completed his wardrobe. He lifted with authority a bible, quoting verses, … More STREET MAN