A generation of beginnings the waters of creation wrung from opening souls like coded scripture, a blossoming without restriction deeply rooted without withdrawing perusing the work accepting success never yielding breaking from common people endurance and strength the need to share the heart to open the chance to improve.      


It’s the end of where I’ve been and the beginning of where I need to go. It’s a long road I’ve shortened. While standing under the shade of where I want to be, I hold time and watch its hands; it stops for no one.   Every memory has its own weight. Darkness has the … More TRY AGAIN


A change into morning colors breathed light onto the dreams of day.   A thoughtless calm smoothed the waters To a surface of glass forming a quiet language   A sleepy chatter of birds in tall trees opened with a chorus claiming the air.   Day unfolded with a chance for a new beginning.