gently pass through the curtains beyond the mirage and rhythmical lines discovering the hidden within the folds of dreams where fingers finally touch the eternal bonds of winds flowing below the wings of angels speaking of what was lost now found cradled in the clouds where no one suffers from being without


silent moonlight brushes silver over my face, as I gaze into infinity of dark the beginning without a bottom.   stars compete for my eyes with hanging diamonds and heavens beyond look back at me   man in the moon full of cheese, a wink and a half a carpet of chrome       … More MY MOON


It’s my shoreline.  A place of footsteps and whispers, high clouds, blue cobalt skies, forever horizon; it’s a song I live.  A moment brings me in, an hour holds me tight.  It’s a place without time, without changing, it holds the strength of me.  I am the shadow of here. I stand on the edge … More MY ROCK


A Cloud of mists.  Vapors without faces. Cars make time over bridges, shuttling the  masses in and out of order. Complaints rule within the swirl of thoughts. The tongue wags tirelessly for some until it turns black. The engine of day corrupts all who pass over the river.  Seldom the sun shines everyday. We rely … More ITS A START


TODAY’S MASK     It stands again.  The opening of day.  Clothes fashioned in dreams, purchased in the dawn of shadowed choices.  We awake in aspirations.  Forged in tosses and turns.  We fill our hair from a shower to wash the sleep out. We transfer to the towel unused and excess water.  The song of … More TODAY’S MASK


MIDNIGHT PASSED     My town sits quiet. The sun has bled out. Blinds are tight.  Dog chase cats in their dreams.  Stop lights blink red.  A billion stars hold silent over our spinning planet. Winds have muscled to another place.  Cool air yawns onto lawns and weeds.  Dew weeps without crying.  The history of … More MIDNIGHT PASSED