a shoreline song youthful and free waves of gold over blue umbrella art the beach a canvas of footprints   voices, laughing, calling out   the chance of summer over the shoulder,   a pencil sketch of gray lines,   a song built from day,   a little of the past here in the present


OVERVIEW     the moon commands highways of ocean currents   forming waves   those momentary curled masses of random strength splashing languages onto ancient shorelines from somewhere deep   creating footprints during the highs and lows                        


  black and white photos of my youth under a dominant sun with uncombed hair barefoot open shirts dirt roads to beaches bridges and paths to discover before porch lights snap on and bonfires send sparks to heavens floor                    


Everything needs to be blocked out   all sounds that have nothing to do with what’s before me   others have their callings places they worship distant precipices or deserts   but here I am selfishly willfully yielding my attention   I am haunted by the aroma and authority the force lurking below the surface … More HAUNTED


Youth is a river of cascading hair, tumbling warm and rich like wheat fields under the timeless clock Of summer. Every day was long on light. We jumped into green emerald waves and then rolled in golden sand, sparkling with flecks of mica we appeared as heroes under an blue infinity sky.   Sneakers were … More SUMMER LIFE


          The breath of summer slipped into September as if destined to die.   Humid nights where fireflies attack the dark and ocean breezes lifted my hair, stay in August.   A bonfire dances flames onto youthful tanned faces deeply absorbed with strength.   Porch lights freely welcome homeless bugs while … More SEPTEMBER FIRST


        A twist of air boldly pushes past August light; a song of different color; the end of summer.   Night air signals the aroma of change. Cooler breezes mark time like a parade turning a corner.   No wall of wishes prevents the rolling pattern weaving around me; I am a … More THE NOTHING ZONE


On the beach of my life I am young again, standing in the surf, resisting the authority of waves moving with the earth upon me. I am golden without shine, standing under tangerine skies, fearing nothing, commanding the day from my shoreline footstool. I am the history of myself. A legend to no one.  A … More GOLDEN


Ocean waves dissolve on the shoreline. Diamond reflections spread cover rock and sand.   The waves are creative voices, a language transported, respecting time, the land and mysteries untold.   The voices are soft, welcoming and sincere. Often we listen but fail to hear the message, the answers the recipes of common sense.  


          Off from the valleys and streams water slips to thick rivers of motion under bridges past hillsides and towns born with history bowing to water rolling strong into ocean carpets blue with thin green diamond sparkled wave tops joining the greater amassed bodies on the earth wider than arms can … More MOVING WATER