His hand slapped the backside of the bass while busy fingers snapped alive the strings into music words he whispers during dreams. When he’s half way around the world he knows he’s finally half way home. Curtains of clouds guide his direction past empty diners and towns without smiles. He never feels lost when on … More BLACK SHOES


A thickness of quiet pulled the air into slow where it begged to be filled. A big muddy of thoughts spread over the crowd, like the water they were; wet collars, sweaty palms.   A low tide of moving hands struck a line of strings, releasing songs too heavy for corners, to bright to hide. … More A LINE OF STRINGS


Night chords drip a slow pace. Porches fill with moving voices. The ice in drinks mix with perfume and sweat. The bass man spills the passion while his hands create a sound blessing. He has a garden of jazz to release. Colors in the crowd move forward, bright with face, soft in soul. He provides … More INSPIRATION


          Wisdom reached down heavy ignoring the dark brooding on earth’s face. Mighty power touched heavenly long black dancing fingers with a dream. A fat willing wooden bass fell in love with the hands of his youth. His jazzed sounds leaned strong pushing sweet his voice through strings.    


        Swirling breezes push hard with jumpy hurricane winds slapping fast like mosquitoes flying round sticky music buzzing wild in your head that can’t be trapped like a scratchity scratch you just can’t reach with itchy fat fingers so instead you start to hum and make a way for the song to … More SCRATCHITY SCRATCH


The jazz of his well overflows. The wetness of long images drip fluid hot from fingers playing the burn. A sweet pleasantness follows him. Years of heads turning form great waves behind him; the applause reaches distant galaxies. He is a cat. A prowler of music forests, yet tamed. Open souls are consumed without resistance. … More SINGLE FILE


Finger strumming finger picking the lively index finger of the bass man becomes his best friend taking him where others ain’t never going with strings from stars held over bridges like rainbows connecting mountains from valley to valley where waters run clean into pools where jazz finds its way to the surface like wood made … More INDEX FINGER


His fingers owned the strings releasing freely treasures slipping to earth. Notes competing with stars lighted dark skies like Christmas every night. His head snapped to the beats bursting in air then settled slow into soft. Sweat channeled long with drips from his passion as he breathed out the jazz.


        Breaths of songs burst out like laughter rising with fever, sending souls into jumping with sounds of thunder, fat and rolling.   Wallpaper edges slip their glue while thick windows rattle like teeth cold chattering in frigid winds.   The horns dip hot with jazz blowing a reverence of pure beginnings … More HOT WITH JAZZ


Talk to me oh bass with wells deep and voices strong as if the earth were grinding under the souls of us snapping fingers like the pop of July 4th as stars explode high in wide skies untouched by voices but regularly with the rub of strings the bass man slides alive