A gauze of filtered light set the pattern of a checkered sun streaming across the table.   An uneasy ghost of air plagued the room, circling quietly in an overhead fan then twisting to the floor where it slides into corners, stirring dust and yesterdays webs.   A brief summer steals the warmth of August … More INFINITY SKY


          The breath of summer slipped into September as if destined to die.   Humid nights where fireflies attack the dark and ocean breezes lifted my hair, stay in August.   A bonfire dances flames onto youthful tanned faces deeply absorbed with strength.   Porch lights freely welcome homeless bugs while … More SEPTEMBER FIRST


        A twist of air boldly pushes past August light; a song of different color; the end of summer.   Night air signals the aroma of change. Cooler breezes mark time like a parade turning a corner.   No wall of wishes prevents the rolling pattern weaving around me; I am a … More THE NOTHING ZONE


Ocean waves dissolve on the shoreline. Diamond reflections spread cover rock and sand.   The waves are creative voices, a language transported, respecting time, the land and mysteries untold.   The voices are soft, welcoming and sincere. Often we listen but fail to hear the message, the answers the recipes of common sense.  


A homeless empty wind slipped the corner of late August, searching for the last remnant of summer, that final breath of warm air.   Cool nights marked the end and the beginning of another season. Daylight slowly drained away familiar voices and sounds.   The chance of the future depends on the passing of seasons. … More PASSING SEASONS