voices descend through the fire escape   men wearing sleeveless t-shirts drink and smoke   women whisper   children stare to the sky where clouds shadow the alley   a cat sleeps resembling driftwood   pigeons gaze down from the rooftop   Latin music rich with aroma drifts from a window    



A high heat pushed roadway lines sideways crowds trample the streets pulled toward destinations in a sea of shoulders   fire escapes spread waffle slanted shadows onto faded bricks   a radio pushes static into an alley   garbage cans release the aroma of yesterday   young men rolled up sleeves bright buckles black pocket … More EYES OPEN


Red cowboy boots. Dust with living legends. Blue jeans, the working uniform. Skies with danger and full sun. The aroma of wet hay and work horse saddles.  Leather reins, the steering wheel bound to a bit. Seasons that blend.  Calloused hands. Facial lines, the human rings of trees. Sweat stained hats.  Beards and tattoos. Cold … More BUNK HOUSE


Just past midnight there’s a revival of stragglers and empty pocket musicians at a corner diner where the boisterous aroma of grease and burnt toast fill stagnant air. Writers with frayed collars, artists wearing scuffed shoes and actors not yet acting sit on red vinyl seats around black formica tables.  There is rebellion in crooked … More OPEN FOR A CHANCE


The moon pulled the shoreline into low tide, revealing the oceans resistance in ripples of sand. Treasures lay exposed or half buried in wet sand. Seagulls feed on trapped shells. Pools of water hold small fish soon to meet their end. The strand, dry with wild hair beach grass looks down from its headboard to … More WET SAND


Low clouds dampen an early Fall afternoon.  Sounds of pigeons overhead and newspapers opening become absorbed into an unmistakable dullness.   People hold hands, thanking the stars for dreams coming true.  Puddles of last nights rain reflects treetops and corners of buildings protected by gargoyles.   The aroma of tar and steam touches everyone passing … More FROM UP HERE


Beyond the next minute, prodigal thoughts recreate avenues of traveling words. All second hand messages are burned; ashes of vulnerability swept over the edges. Angry hands anxiously record the moment; nervous legs anticipate. The aroma of the story are spice trees for the reader. Words stand trial.  Judgement opens quietly.  The energy of success swells. … More A COVERED RELEASE


A Song full of horns fell out an  open window, splashing the air while reaching the sidewalk where passerby’s failed to notice the temporary comfort. Tenement dogs growled nervously at barefoot children.  Colorful chrome decked cars and men with hats cruised by.  A police siren attempted order.  A young man ran into the alley. Like … More TENEMENT RISING


The factory.  River water pushes in electric out.  Stoic faces, busy hands, leaning forward, tools clanking, assembly lines organizing, textiles, metals, lathes and labor, pallets and wire. Row houses, red brick, open windows, curtains lipping the corners, pipes with steam, chimneys black belching, parking lots and fences, green service doors, fans spinning, workers in overalls, … More MILL TOWN


        The rising aroma of fresh bread circles up with intent within a tight shaded alley attacking the senses of appetites full of empty.     Like thieves drawn to open windows the magic of leaven lifts like carpets full of magic owning the air with thoughtful desires of tasty jewels.   … More FULL OF EMPTY