Long corridors with linoleum floors absorb the stories of lost lambs and hungry wolves. Families and enemies pass flowered wallpaper of peonies and terracotta pots on ordinary days with eyes down never speaking; like meteors at night and shadows during day.   The accessories, lights, exit signs, mailboxes are destroyed or absent. The comingling of … More SURVIVAL


It was a basement apartment. Concrete steps without a handrail. Faded blue chipped plaster walls. There was an aroma of stagnate steamy air and garbage.  Light bulbs hung from brown wires. Echoes of dripping water. Heavy footsteps in the hallway above.  Pipes ached from sending hot water to the floors above.  The furnace growled with … More DOWN BELOW


Uneaten thoughts create unexplained spaces of emptiness.   As day passes, a portion of destiny is added to a legacy unfinished.   The elderly form short choppy sentences as they remember experiences their not sure actually happened.   Windows are bedecked with the last holiday; a broken wreath minus a bow. A light shines from … More FROM THE APARTMENT


A ceiling fan roams lazily among stale air. Seated below a man, his pants worn thin, a stained shirt from past dinners; he leans, listening to a radio.   A voice wrinkles past square brown cloth covered speakers, echoing on naked plaster cracked walls.   Cigarette smoke lifts in a thin line, absorbed into the … More DAY FADING


The back stairway was a passage, an eye opening ritual of shadows and whispers seeking shelter behind a familiar door. Cracked plaster and numerous unknown stains are illuminated by a single light, its wire descending from a dark ceiling, faintly showing the way to go. It was a space without quiet, a conduit from here … More TRAVELERS