Cruel splashes of blue neon lights curiously push into an open apartment, window to where a man sits looking out.   Below voices of strangers pass on the sidewalk, their shoes tap and scuff to the corner where they blend into traffic.   Music lightly filters up. A warm breeze touches the arm of the … More OPEN WINDOW


Hot city. Concrete alleys. Weeds crawl from cracks near broken glass and homeless stars. Black wires above connect buildings like jungle vines where birds and small creatures cross the canyon. Mounds of garbage sit fat with moisture, ripe with decay. A back door opens. A fat man wearing an apron steps out lighting a cigarette. … More CONCRETE ALLEYS


An alley. The warm side. Red bricks mortared with sweat. Black pipes track to the roof. A radio bubbles the air. Sad songs like cold air drop into shadows. A window watcher. Second floor. Beneath the fire escape. Fingers prying apart white blinds. Viewing below; eyes deep set, hidden in a cave, protected, revealing nothing. … More WINDOW FINGERS