I sense a stranger a cloud without a name half light the other gray   no voice to introduce the spirit without a smile, coat, or hat as it enters my thoughts like a  midnight diner person, sure footed, a table in sight, back to the corner watching for misplaced stragglers, loners and those wanting … More MINDFUL VISITOR


There was a buzzing in a heaven of clouds. A horn from the alley brought down the house of pigeons. The air transformed into a night beauty.  Neon’s and back doors offered a refueling of the psychological mortgage.  Voices from the second floor rejoice between the folds of buildings.  When night and dark mix, the … More A WAY THROUGH


That feeling of over the edge, when a clutch decision is more than a casual choice but a weapon against oncoming distractions, knowing that altering the rhythm will create a chasing of thoughts into paths of painful corners with unmistakable answers, the ones not always chosen, wedged between the black and gray, remaining there until … More BLACK CATS