A low light struggles to create shadows. Curtains hang lifeless before an open window. A radio in a back room whispers out a sound between static and humid air. Men gather, choosing favorite chairs. Cigarette and cigar smoke drifts up forming its own cloud. Working calloused hands hold weathered playing cards. Suspicious and curious eyes … More BACK ROOM



We face a day of crossings, a full plate of unmatched space.  A highway of the next day, wanting answers before the corners are reached.  Decisions require a force to continue. It’s a dry day with an open horizon.  A few thin clouds too weak to cast shadows.  We strike out. Moving forward draws deep … More PATIENCE WAITING


It’s how we speak that tells a tale either filled with honor or full of despair.   Words that spill from our mouths assist the weak the lonely or sick or can cut to the bone with anger and guilt.   Words create the chance for change to begin your life by walking in faith. … More WORDS WE SPEAK