I fell into the remembers today the how and why the places I walked with voices now removed and stories part and full some not real   someone calls my name; no one is there   trees and paths know me change moves in and replaces   trying to recall works hard the memory threads … More ONCE AGAIN


He had a tattoo on his forearm of a face, faded through the years, even he can’t remember who it is. A cat rubs against his leg. He sips casually on a root beer. His boots dull from travel. Hair black as a night cave, pushed back flat like a helmet shined with grease.   … More LESTER


The image of youth fails to fade, regardless of years.   Unquenched thirsts discover treasures from the sky.   Legs like god’s conquer lands and oceans where beaches stretch into dreams.   The tick of clock lies deep in young hearts but chimes loud in the breath of the aged.


Up ahead, mountains stand firm. The names once remembered pass with streets now foreign to me. Houses line tree covered lanes where dogs bark and kids point. Its my town, the buildings in know and shops I visited.  They appear familiar but are shadowed with gray from my past, like seasons, they all blend into … More WHEAT FIELDS