Mirrors spy on the eyes, drawing them to the vortices of reflection; celebrating the good, condemning the faults. Each glance a smile or frown, changing the weather of the heart into storms or sun; the soul of self, shoulders up to the day. Like the surety of high winds aloft the image we see is … More MERCY


He survives the years and faces departed in early breezes; there are few now who remember him as a child. Tears stain everyone. His skin is smoothed. Fingers once busy warm in the sun.  His eyes once of youth and feet born of Mercury, rest willingly. He sleeps in parts.  Lightly at first and then … More MORNING COFFEE


Up ahead, mountains stand firm. The names once remembered pass with streets now foreign to me. Houses line tree covered lanes where dogs bark and kids point. Its my town, the buildings in know and shops I visited.  They appear familiar but are shadowed with gray from my past, like seasons, they all blend into … More WHEAT FIELDS


We gather.  Move into. Absorb the years.  Claim the day, wonder about the past. Unclaimed and unfinished minutes become armies of hours, dissolving as they pass, draining beneath us, out of us, drowning us in the air we breathe. In youth our legs championed obstacles. Our dreams outdistanced everything. As gladiators we overcame and conquered. … More TURNING THE CORNER