Bring on the ancestral winds, the colliding of clouds with thunder rolling and breaking into silent valleys and the souls of weak men. Let the deep of the deep surface, Let it breathe to the top and bring with it forceful sounds and the wet of rain and clean satin moisture promising to wash city … More CLOUDING UP


A teasing wind brushes through thick pine boughs, ruffling their surfaces with drunken intention. A mischievous breeze rattles the bones of shutters and window panes.  An overrun of coolness circles like a hungry thief.  Shadows form Halloween masks and creatures without heads.  Each step is weighted.  Weakness has no place while the clearest of eyes … More STEP LIVELY


An overhead subway creeps between brownstones.  Sharp shadows like falling venetian blinds cut across the moving cars.  From the street below steam pipes belch gray mists.  Visions of the city become abstracts of other visions; seldom is there a clear choice.   Late night diners with doors open and tables full of lively hand conversations, … More WASHED OVER


Street lights sign in as dusk resigns to darkness. Scattered shadows of leaves dance on midnight sidewalks. Homes sleep in silence.  Dark breezes lift curtain edges, creating life from worn cloth. Porch lights dot the galaxy of streets. Picket fences keep strangers away but ghosts pass through freely. A train whistle, distant yet sharp, bleeds … More MIDNIGHT


Hallway footsteps create a sad rhythm. Neon lights break over cracked linoleum.  The elderly carry groceries in a cold wind; their facial wrinkles are road maps of experience.   Young people speak of someplace else. They gather under stars of tragedy, dreaming in black and white; visions unworthy of being in color. Their lives grasp … More SOMEWHERE STRANGERS


A cast iron sky stretched over uneven buildings and streets where hats tip low and mannequins resemble the living.   Quiet thoughts trouble the air.  Words twist through the procession of long coats and cigarette smoke while the hard walk of work shoes demands a path.   Shadows in corners whisper.  Curtains hold onto voices, … More COLD AIR


There’s a distant place, a delicate vision created from the memory of questionably reality.  Believing what was there may be the shadow of what was only part; we see the evidence of wind but not the actual wind.  Soon the absurd becomes real, a parallel difference difficult to discern like the layers of an onion; … More PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY


I saw a winking moon hide behind kingly pines   where silence finds comfort in darkened leaning shadows   and silver liquid beams slipped through thick boughs   as the round full faced hanging around moon delivered light to paths on my way home.      


Its where long streets with red lights stop the direction of forward motion. Boys in leather jackets.  Girls with tattoos, red lipstick and black boots; bright smiles and sunglasses, fingers adorned with rings.  Shoulders sway to all types of music.  Hats and jackets form circles of color.  They are artists of extreme quality, where personal … More FULL OF NOTICE


Unfinished crosswords and cigarettes feed the granite regulars at the diner. Torn vinyl and stained tiles welcome neighborhood regulars; black rimmed glasses, uncombed hair, cowboy boots, long sleeve shirts and a variety of hats. The food lacks life. Coffee fuels the thoughts.  The place is a safety net dipped in grease. The radio stales the … More TAKE A SEAT