A muted curtain competed with the between of night and dawn. Gray shadows were swept from the space of dark as the fading insolence fought against the change, pressing time for one more second; though none existed.   Hilltops and oceans welcome the hours of light before their overwhelming greatness appears as ominous gray ghosts … More NIGHT INTO DAWN


A wind of travesty pulls at unparalleled corners pulsing under an undecided sky without blue or distance.   Fame fleets past, slipping the chains of youth and farewells.   I lounge into a chair nearest the door, gazing out to any path with desperate thoughts and empty pockets.  


There is a rent paid over oceans and mountains. An act of homage and humility in the breath of seasons where impartial acts always remember the order of respect.   It’s the covering of grief. The answer to prayers. The sound of delight, though too much is just too much.   It has a song. … More RESPECT


Go, just drive and let the warm air fiddle fast with my hair blowing it wild like the branches passing overhead while the roll of the tires tracks miles of distance from where I started to an unknown destination down the road just out of sight from here but where I should be as the … More JUST DRIVE


A full puff of air filled my sail lifting the need of my soul pushing me with lovers hands into up and over settling into my ears oiling my breathing parts nurturing me with the strength of a rushing train heavy on metal tracks rolling with running blowing steam crazy with sound grabbing the crowd … More CRAZY WITH SOUND


What is within a wave? That curled momentary mass of random strength rolling onto shorelines with ancient messages tucked within itself, splashing out languages from somewhere deep.   The moon speaks out the highs and lows. The land lifts barriers against the mass of impending force. Yet we find their shape drawing, pulling us into … More LIQUID LANGUAGES


I am a traveler within the space familiar to me. The area surrounding, the region full of what I know best and how I appear to others and myself. This land is of my youth; tree swings, paths toward home and back doors always unlocked. Windows blossom with curtains and flowers pots in need of water. … More THIS PLACE


How deep are your songs? Do they champion the cause you carry?   Inside is a passion. The reason for sunlight. The delight of morning to wake you.   The day is generous; it’s an empty sack Waiting to be filled.   The hope in your breath is the meadowlark waiting to release the music. … More CURTAIN RISING


Voices circled down from a red-brown rusty skeleton framed fire escape. The landings between floors offering an escape from inside heat and crying children.   Men with sleeveless t-shirts drink and smoke cigarettes. Young women whisper and then giggle, drawing the leering attention of men in the alley.   A cat sleeps leisurely like driftwood. … More RUSTY SKELETON


A gypsy vagabond of notes, refreshing like spring rain, lifted up with the fragrance from warm roads mixed with cut grass, a moment alive with sound from angels as the piano created a language, familiar to itself yet unknowing to many nearby, listening as they would a speech dry from paper, lifeless, missing the fluid … More IVORY FINGERS