Mornings incense warms the day. A rising sun thirsts for heat. Dawn becomes a memory vapor.   Warm catches out day as breezes push through branches, sounding like children singing.   Warring heavens of blue and black shadows descend like bridges over day’s shoreline as the warm and the voices yield to tides of dusk. … More TIDES OF DUSK


A name within dust, like leaves of past seasons, lingers as if turning aimlessly in a stream, trapped in corners of going nowhere.   A laboring fan jealously absorbs shadows, twisting the shapes like sheep scattering.   A voice, a soulless breath, runs the air in search of a place to settle.   Words tumble … More THIS PLACE


I have a song in my head of waves tumbling to the shore, a millennial artwork, building, rising and then breaking down, only to slide back and rebuild once more.   The crystal topped crests sparkle under a bright sun, swirling with bejeweled delight, while the moon paints them with silver.   It’s where I … More ALWAYS MORE


He was well suited. A tie with statement. A suit bragging of lines with color and Strong solid shoes, tied tightly and well shined.   In the top left pocket of his suit jacket was a blue satin handkerchief, tightly folded with one point turned up like the ear of an animal listening for its … More TOP LEFT POCKET


There was an opening in the day, a slice of casual interruption, a box of memories waiting to be unwrapped.   Thin tensions of thought become light and airy, like dry desert winds finding no resistance rushing over the surface.   Within canyons of air, rare releases of the soul surface offering insights to the … More RARE RELEASES


When knowledge arrives it brings a behind bucket full of pain with it. It draws the line of this and that and the rights of wrongs and the wrongs of being right. It curbs your words and convicts your tongue. The sun looks different and the moon not so bright. Your friends change and your … More DIFFERENT


Songs overflow from doors opening to the sidewalk where.neon lights baptize the weak, stirring the curiosity of a night strung tight while others pray in alleys whispering their sins under a celestial curtain as stars cross behind the black of space where not a molecule is out of place as cool air covers the tapestry … More FINDING NIGHT


The waves whisper a name on ripples of froth rising over wet sand, reaching for a line, receding without despair into advancing waters, breaking into liquid diamonds swirling richly in an ocean soup, beaming under a yellow sun hanging in a blue sky as winds waft wave tops sideways like smoke rising from campfires and … More WITHOUT END


A gnat of a thought is like the beginning with bread and water, when a newness is considered. A startling release of treasonous intent, an idea once dormant, now sparkling with unchallenged release, opening against resistance, pushing back the gray shadows from the eyes. Difference provokes a defense unequalled when determined. It becomes an appetite … More WITHOUT LIMITS


In the quiet of a place, the place where your thoughts surface, a voice of within rises from the silence.   It’s not the wind or waves that influence, but an inner suddenness of calm, a seed watered by the drive for direction; we listen with intent, capturing the moment.   There is a cleansing, … More CHANGE